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Christmas 2022: Check out these unique traditions practiced in different countries

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With the start of Christmas week, the planning of celebrations starts all over the world. Different countries have their own traditions which people have been following for years. As soon as Christmas comes, all kinds of events also start. Somewhere the Christmas ball is organized and somewhere Latin festivals are organized. In many places, people celebrate picnics by visiting friends or relatives and having fun singing Christmas carols. Now Christmas week has started, so today we tell you how people celebrate Christmas in countries around the world. There are many countries that have a unique way of celebrating Christmas, which is really surprising.

Christmas 2022: Check out these unique traditions practiced in different countries

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Christmas 2022: Check out these unique traditions practiced in different countries

Here is the list of countries where Christmas is celebrated in different styles around the world:

Christmas 2022: Check out these unique traditions practiced in different countries

Australia-Unlike the rest of the world, Christmas in Australia is celebrated in the summer. Due to the summer celebration, Santa Claus here takes off his traditional clothes and his reindeer are allowed to rest and are replaced by 6 kangaroos. Let them say they have local carols which they replace with Australian slang and call kangaroos bloomers.

In Slovakia, special loxa pudding is made on Christmas day. Some part of that halwa is thrown on the roof by the oldest members of the house. After this the elder members of the house i.e. the parents eat this halwa. This halwa is special for children. This halwa is prepared on a fire of wood.

Austria-There is a belief in Austria that 'Christkind' is a boy with golden hair. It is considered like the newborn Jesus and it is he who decorates the Christmas tree. Austrian children also believe in a Christmas Devil named Krampus who is very scary and kills naughty children.

Argentina-In Argentina, people light up the sky on the eve of Christmas by lighting lanterns. On this day, they make a kind of globe out of paper and light it on fire and release it towards the sky. People often stay outside their houses till late night and enjoy the light spread in the sky.

England- In England, the Christmas festival is also celebrated in a very disciplined manner. If children do more mischief on this day, they are given coals in stockings instead of sweets.

Canada-Christmas has a special relationship with Canada. It is said that the house of Santa Claus is in Canada and here letters are sent to Santa by post. Then the people there waiting for his answer.

Greece- It is believed in Greece that Kallikantzaroi is a caste of evil goblins. He stays underground and stays there for 12 days from Christmas till January 6. People believe that he can come up here and create havoc. In such a situation, once a day the cross and holy basil are immersed in some holy water and water is sprinkled in each room of the house to ward off evil spirits.

Czech Republic- In the Czech Republic, there is a belief that if a young woman wants to get married, she should throw a shoe over her shoulder on Christmas day. By doing this, if the toe keeps turning towards the door, that means she will be able to get married soon.

Belgium-In Belgium, a loaf of bread called 'Pita' is specially decorated for the Christmas feast. Which is cooked in coins. It is believed that the person who gets the coin is lucky.

Venezuela-In the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, people go to church on roller skates. On this day the roads are emptied from 8 pm. Strict night security arrangements are made.

Norway- In Norway, there are not only Santa Claus, but also 'Nisse' i.e. Santa-like small dolls which are used as decorations. Every year Norway gives a large Christmas tree to the UK to thank them for their help during World War II. This tree is decorated every year in Trafalgar Square for people to see.

Switzerland-In many places in Switzerland, such as in the Bernese Oberland, a procession is taken out on Christmas Day and on New Year's Eve people join the 'Tricolor'. In this, people participate in the parade by wearing cowbells. Loud noise is made in the parade. It is believed that by doing this evil spirits stay away.