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Indian Railways: Affordable hotel

2023-12-06 12:57:48source:muv

Indian Railways goes the extra mile to ensure passengers have a comfortable journey by providing various facilities. During festivals and summer, they run special trains to offer relief and convenience to travelers. Moreover, passengers are often unaware of some of the great facilities the railways offer. Today, we'll shed light on one such amenity.

Indian Railways: Affordable hotel

If you find yourself needing accommodation while traveling by train and have to stay at a railway station, worry not! Indian Railways offers rooms right at the station itself, eliminating the need to look for hotels or other accommodations. The best part is that these rooms are available at a remarkably affordable price.

Indian Railways: Affordable hotel

For as little as Rs 50, you can book a hotel-like room at the railway station. These rooms are air-conditioned and come equipped with all the essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. The room rates can go up as per your room preference and stay duration. The rate varies depending on whether guests are staying in private or dorm rooms. Rates are subject to change at different stations across India.

Indian Railways: Affordable hotel

For example: Rates for retiring room bookings at the New Delhi railway station start at Rs 150 for a 12-hour non-AC room and go up to Rs 450 for a 24-hour AC room booking, as per the IRCTC website. In Mumbai, CST AC Dormitory starts at Rs 150 for 12 hours and Rs 250 for 24 hours. The Deluxe Room starts at Rs. 800 for 12 hours and Rs. 1600 for 24 hours. In Lucknow, Non-AC dormitories start at Rs 50 for 12 hours and go up to Rs 75 for 24 hours. AC Double Bedrooms start at Rs 350 for 12 hours and Rs 550 for 24 hours.

To make a booking, follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your IRCTC account.

2. Navigate to "My Booking."

3. Look for the "Retiring Room" option at the bottom of your ticket booking.

4. Click on it to proceed with the room booking process.

5. You won't need to enter your PNR number; instead, provide some personal and travel information.

6. After making the payment, your room will be successfully booked.

In addition to these convenient amenities, Indian Railways is currently operating many summer special trains to ease the travel woes of passengers. These special trains are available on various routes, including Delhi-Bihar, ensuring travelers can secure confirmed tickets. Moreover, the duration of 18 summer special trains has been extended to cater to the increasing demand.

Next time you're planning a train journey and might require accommodation, remember this pocket-friendly and hassle-free option provided by Indian Railways right at the station.

Note: Rates are subject to change; kindly visit the website and check the latest rates before making your bookings. 

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